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Getting Up Earlier - Shiny Things

Aug. 11th, 2012

07:01 am - Getting Up Earlier

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On weekdays, my alarm goes off at 4:51am. That gives me a snooze cycle to get one last snuggle in (or two or three, depending on how many times I hit the button) before I get up for my favorite part of the day.

The Happiness Project: Try Getting Up Earlier

I try to reserve this time for the projects I want to work on, usually game design. Sometimes I think I need to use this time for something else, but that's usually a mistake, and my mood suffers for it the rest of the day. Sometimes I stay up too late (my target bedtime is 10pm but I'm usually not asleep until much closer to 11) and I know I'll be tired the next day, but I still want to get up around 5am. It's my time to be me, before I have to do what everyone else needs me to do.