Carl Klutzke (sirvalence) wrote,
Carl Klutzke

100 Stories #69 - Stranded

The time machine winked out.

"I told you to stay inside!" Molly wailed.

"I wanted to see Lewis Carroll too," David said. "What just happened?"

"Someone must have bumped the controls on the way out."

They looked at Percival.

"Who's Lewis Carroll?" the puppy asked.

Molly sighed and started walking.

"Where are you going?" David asked.

"The fuel will run out in about a million years, so plate tectonics will carry it about fifty miles this way. Maybe we can find the remains."

"Walkies!" Percival acclaimed.

"As long as we're here," David asked, "Aren't we going to meet Lewis Carroll?"
Tags: 100stories

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