Carl Klutzke (sirvalence) wrote,
Carl Klutzke

100 Stories #68 - Unambiguous

Guided by the ancient prophecy, the heroes had discovered and infiltrated the necromancer's lair.

"What does the prophecy say to do next, Zarnak?" Grognar asked.

Zarnak consulted the crumbling scroll.

    "12. Proceed along left wall, avoiding pressure plate traps.
    "13. In the antechamber, smash lion skeletons with blessed hammer before they animate.
    "14. Kick open throne room door. Immediately stab left to kill hidden guardian.
    "15. Do not attack necromancer directly: smash bone jar hidden under throne cushions.
    "16. Escape before castle collapses."

"Now that's a prophecy Grognar can work with!"

"I don't know. It feels like cheating," Zarnak replied.
Tags: 100stories

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