Carl Klutzke (sirvalence) wrote,
Carl Klutzke

100 Stories #67 - They Also Serve

"Sir Galivale, I hear Sir Malegant calling after us."

"What avails the scoundrel, Gregor? He was fairly and soundly defeated."

"Something about 'offering,' 'widows,' and 'orphans.'"

"Perhaps he's finally repented his wickedness. Go back and investigate, good fellow."

 * * *
Gregor took the bound knight's purse, then drew his knife.

"I don't understand!" Sir Malegant said. "Sir Galivale spared me!"

"Aye," Gregor replied. "He always does what's right, and it'd be a fine world if all were like him. Unfortunately the world also has cutthroat bastards like you and me. I, at least, try to employ my tendencies constructively."
Tags: 100stories

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