Carl Klutzke (sirvalence) wrote,
Carl Klutzke

100 Stories #66 - Cuteness

Molly entered the laboratory, then stopped. "David, what is that unsettlingly adorable creature?"

David, busy, didn't look up. "He's a golden retriever puppy, the pinnacle of cuteness in all of evolution and selective breeding. This one is named Percival."

Without conscious direction, Molly's hand stroked the puppy. Percival wriggled in delight, but the wires on his head kept him mostly still. "What's that device he's hooked to?" Molly asked. "Are you doing something horrible?"

"Of course not. I'm stimulating his cognitive and speech centers, to see if he can talk."

Percival's tail wagged furiously. "I hope it works!" he said.
Tags: 100stories

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