Carl Klutzke (sirvalence) wrote,
Carl Klutzke

The Real Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

I know most of you who read this are glad that Obama got elected (so am I), but nearly half the country is terrified. They aren't just disappointed, they're scared. This TED talk, probably the best I've seen so far, helps explain why. I know it's long (about 18 minutes), but it's very much worth watching.

Getting mad at conservatives doesn't help. It enforces the same us/them thinking that makes liberals so frustrated with conservatives in the first place (effectively, we're calling all conservatives bigots: doesn't that seem hypocritical?). And by their nature they're not likely to try to bridge the gap, so it's really up to us who are more open to experience to try to do it.

On a completely different note, the funniest thing I've heard all day is Jonathan Haidt saying "Sports is to war what pornography is to sex."


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